Joining the global dots!

College / student /campus / university radio is about alternatives: it provides an alternative to more conventional learning methods and environments. It is an alternative to mainstream forms of media with alternative music and diverse cultures. And it is a global phenomena!

The Alternatives Magazine, as well as the Alternatives2016 Conference, are initiatives to join the global dots of student media around the world in order to share knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and insight.

The Alternatives Magazine is here to give interested people a chance to look into the magic of student radio through international examples. As student radios everywhere are facing challenges with demands for efficiency, cutting costs and digitalization, it is also important to join forces globally, not just to survive but to evolve.

Student radio stations differ from any other media in many ways but one of the most important is the fact that we are not competitors with each other. We are companions, friends who can bind worldwide networks of collaboration and sharing.

All that is needed is a little effort and a will to try something new. But hey, that’s what we’re great at, right!

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  1. Huge commendations to the organisers of this wonderful conference. The objects for the conference are perfect and timely for us in West Africa considering the history and development of private broadcasting as a whole but campus radio in particular. We have a lot to share and more to learn from our colleagues to enable us serve and uplift our people.

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