Month: October 2016

Student radio is fun!

As one of the presenters, Mr. Patrick Quinn put it with his Glaswegian accent: Student radio is fun. But as ALTERNATIVES2016 showed, so is meeting student radio people! Thank you for all the great presentations, workshops, discussions, laughs, ideas and moments to all of you who made this possible.

DAY1 was a success, DAY2 taking place right now!

The first ALTERNATIVES2016 started yesterday with an array of fantastic presentations and even better discussions during the day and at the Kerma VIP Lounge dinner.

The DAY2 is going on at the FellmanniCampus with workshops and discussions. Some technical issues and delays, also, but that’s student radio, right? 😉

The Conference is just ONE DAY AWAY

We are pleased to announce that there is only one day left and our ALTERNATIVES2016 conference kicks off! Amazing! Those of you traveling to Finland for the first time, make sure to take warm clothes with you.